7 Habits of Ultra Stylish Women You Need to Adopt

Trends in fashion come and go, but style is forever. Style can be defined as the way you carry yourself, how you outwardly express your inner being. After living in New York City, the fashion capital of the world, I often saw lots of well-dressed women, but only a small few that stand out. When I see a woman on the street who looks fabulous, I quickly glance at her complete outfit from head to toe. There are elements to her that I instantly notice and often try to emulate. These women don’t look at clothing the way most of us do but it with a little practice it can be second nature. Here are the 7 Habits of Ultra Stylish Women that you need to adopt.

Ultra Stylish Woman in full blue skirt and nude heels

What Stylish Women Do

1. They Mix High-End Pieces with Affordable Ones


Being stylish isn’t about wearing the most expensive items you can buy. Trust me when I say, “just because something is high priced, doesn’t make it cute”! It’s knowing that you can create a stylish look when wearing pieces at different price points is what will make you a style star. Often you can find great seasonal items like sundresses, t-shirts, casual tops/pants and denim inexpensively to wear with your designer shoes, leather handbags, and other high-end clothing.

2. They Tailor Clothing to Fit Their Body

It can be tricky to find clothing off the rack to fit your figure perfectly, but it’s an essential element in being stylish. The ultra stylish understand their body and what works best for them. They also know how garments should fit, like a blazer’s shoulder seam should line up with the edge of your shoulder or if a skirt bunches and rises when you walk, that means it’s too tight. When needed, they take pieces to get tailored so they can look their best.

Stylish women in tailored clothing

3. Have an Organized Closet

Stylish women have their clothes and accessories organized in a manner that allows them to see what they have. This allows them to utilize their wardrobe to its full potential. Think about how many times you have said “I have nothing to wear to …” only to find the perfect dress buried under a stack of clothes or hidden in the back your closet. You can check out my post, Rid Yourself of Clutter- How to Organize your Closet, for some excellent tips!

4. Accessorize Accordingly

Wearing a killer outfit is only part of being stylish. Knowing how to complete your look with the right accessories is what makes the ultra stylish standout. We all have our go-to jewelry and handbags that we put on/carry every day, but learning to mix things up and styling your accessories according to what you are wearing shows real style. Whether it is statement pieces with a clutch or minimal jewelry with a chic cross-body bag, just make sure it compliments your look.

5. Have a Beauty Regime

Skin, hair, and nails are just as important to stylish women as their outfit. When they leave the house in the morning, they don’t just get dressed and walk out the door. Ultra stylish women make sure their makeup is perfect, no matter how dramatic or simple it may be. They also change up their hairstyle to fit their look. You won’t find chipped polish and uneven nails on these women, even if they aren’t into weekly manicures they make sure that their hands and toes look presentable.

6. Invest in Staple Pieces

Investing in quality clothing is worth every penny! This is especially the case when you are buying wardrobe staples like suits, LBD’s, leather goods and cashmere. Quality clothing is made to last, the fabric is nicer, the stitching is stronger and will not fall apart after a few wears. The stylish women know this and will spend a little more to get pieces that they will be able to keep in their wardrobe season after season.

7. Subtle with Trends

Women who are always trying to wear what is in “fashion” will have a hard time developing lasting style. If you are shopping every season, it is hard not to pick up trendy pieces here and there, but the ultra stylish don’t let these items overwhelm their wardrobe. They may mix in a fashionable color or style of clothing into their look, but these women shop for the items that look best on them. No matter what is trending, the ultra-stylish stay true to themselves!

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Habits of Ultra Stylish Women

Are you striving to be Ulta Stylish, what habits are you following?

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Sherita Rankins

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  1. July 16, 2015 / 6:14 am

    This is a great post really love a LBD and few great accessories.

    • Sherita Rankins
      July 16, 2015 / 1:38 pm

      Thanks – I don’t follow these habits all time, but I will definitely be stepping my style game now!

    • July 27, 2015 / 12:50 pm

      Thanks @burninfashion:disqus A great LBD can last years. The key is to style it differently to create different looks.

  2. Ksenia Kouchnirenko
    July 16, 2015 / 6:59 pm

    Awesome recommendations – love the “stay true to themselves” comment 🙂

    • July 27, 2015 / 12:49 pm

      Thanks @kseniakouchnirenko:disqus! It is so important to not always follow the trends, and this can be applied to every aspect of life. So happy you enjoyed the post.

  3. Titus Grant
    December 8, 2018 / 4:07 am

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