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My 5 Favorite Lip Colors to Wear This Fall

Out with the light and fresh, and in with the bold and dramatic! Fall is the perfect season to flaunt your favorite lip shades, as no color is off limits. The holidays are a great time of year to pull out those darker shades and matte finishes. For fall, I like to mix things up and wear a variety of lip colors and finishes. Here are few of my favorites lip shades for fall that I will be rocking well into 2019!

Matte Orange

Bobbi Brown, Matte Lux Lip – FEVER PITCH

Matte is always a favorite for fall, and this year is no exception. Brighter and bolder hues dominate this season, so I decided to jump on board. This burnt orange shade really pops when you are wearing blue hues, and the matte finish makes it subtler than a glossy finish.

Metallic Berry

Urban Decay, On The Run – MARFA

I’ve never met a purple lip color that I didn’t like. This fall, instead of going grape, I am leaning more on the plum side with this shimmery, metallic hue of purple. It perfectly complements any sparkly look and also pairs well with any shade of gray.

Fushcia Gloss   

Avon, True Color – ESTRELLA

Heavy pigment gets a lot of attention during fall, but let’s not forget that we all need a great gloss in our arsenal as well. I just discovered this hot shade, and the moment I put it on I fell in love! The formula is so soft and smooth, and my lips just love it. Although the color is sheer, it has enough over coverage to stand on its own, but alternatively, you can use it to enhance your favorite lipstick.


Deep Deep Plum

Avon, Holiday – WINE KISSES

I love a deep, rich lip color, and for this season it’s a deep plum shade with hints of cocoa. Like a fine red wine, there isn’t much that wouldn’t go with this shade. Coordinating perfectly with all the colors of fall foliage, this color is instant drama and may be my favorite shade of the season.

Classic Matte Red

Smashbox, Always on Liquid Lipstick – BAWSE

It isn’t fall if you aren’t wearing a red lip, and in true Sherita fashion, I chose a matte finish to highlight this classic color. Red lips never go out of style! Go bright if you dare, but remember there are richer shades for those who are a bit more conservative. Of course, a black outfit is always a great choice to wear with red lips, but a classic tee and jeans work too!

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