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How To Have the Best New York Fashion Week As A Blogger

New York Fashion Week As A Blogger | Busywifebusylife.comWe have all seen that episode of “Sex and The City,” where Carrie struts down the catwalk and falls flat on her face. Don’t be fashion roadkill, be fabulous! Fashion week seems like the quintessential New York experience. The runway shows, lavish parties, cocktails flowing, so why wouldn’t you want to be there??

After three years of running my site, I knew it was time to be part of the action. The funny thing about it is that I waited until after I moved to LA to do so. I know you can’t just show up in New York City during fashion week, flash some of the designer’s clothes and expect to sit front row at the hottest shows of the season. So I did some research and starting planning. As a first timer, I would say my NYFW experience was fabulous, and here’s how I did it.

New York Fashion Week As A Blogger | Busywifebusylife.com

Let me first start off by saying that attending New York fashion week as a blogger or influencer isn’t all glamorous; it’s actually a lot of work. Unlike in the past when all the shows were centralized under “the tents” in Bryant Park, the shows now take place all over the city. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still amazing, but be prepared to have multiple changes of clothes, sore feet, and be a little exhausted by the end of the week.

How to Attend New York Fashion Week as a Blogger?

There are three things to consider when planning your trip to New York Fashion Week: where to stay, what shows and parties to attend, and which Brand/PR companies should you contact for collaborations.

Bibhu Mohapatra NYFW Fall 2018

Bibhu Mohapatra Show – Get the red carpet ready these pieces are so chic and contemporary. I wanted every last one of them! The designs were so elegant with a bold and beautiful palette of reds and orchid. #love

New York Fashion Week As A Blogger | Busywifebusylife.com

Where to Stay?

After living in New York City for 11 years I acquired a lot of friends, so luckily for me, I don’t have a problem finding a place to stay. If you’re traveling from out of town, a hotel is probably going to be your best bet. Let me warn you that they can get expensive. I recommend reaching out to boutique hotels to see if they would like to host you during fashion week. In return, you can offer them a blog post or Instagram photos and stories as compensation for your stay.

If you know another blogger to share a room with, you can now offer the hotel double the exposure from both of your accounts. Since most influencers are doing this, be prepared to hear plenty of No’s, so reach out to as many hotels as possible. Assuming you aren’t staying in the same neighborhood as the shows (most were in Tribeca & West Village last FW), I recommend anywhere from the Financial District to Chelsea, to provide convenient access to the action.

How to Get into Shows?

Like I said before you can’t just show up in New York expecting to get tickets to Fashion Week shows. You need to start your research about one month prior. Then start reaching out to PR agencies approximately 2 weeks before show date to request tickets. Don’t make the same mistake I did and reach out too early. Since guest lists aren’t finalized until to a few days before the show, if you email too soon you’ll have to do more follow up as your email will likely be at the bottom of their list.

If you don’t have a massive following, it might be difficult to get into the well-known designer shows, but that’s okay. Emerging and up-and-coming designers will be happy to have you viewing their collection. You can reach out to a few of the large PR companies like La Force, KCD, and PR Consultants and let them know you would like to “support” some of their clients by attending shows and offering social media coverage for the collection.

Alternatively, if you don’t have time to do research, you can take the easy way out as I did. I purchased Julie Solomon’ s NYFW guide, and it was filled with tons of contacts and valuable information that saved me so much time. (FYI I’m not getting affiliate sales for mentioning this guide, it was actually very helpful!)

If you don’t get invited to the shows you were hoping for, don’t worry! Many bloggers accept invitations to shows that they can’t attend. So join the Reward Style Facebook group during fashion week, and you will find bloggers offering up their tickets. The same goes for you, if you’re unable to attend a show put it up in the group for someone else who can go in your place.

Vivi Zubedi Show – Indonesia designer showing styles appropriate for her Muslim culture, but with a fashion-forward edge. Luxe embellishments and velvet!

New York Fashion Week As A Blogger | Busywifebusylife.com New York Fashion Week As A Blogger | Busywifebusylife.com

PR & Brands

As a blogger, seeing amazing shows isn’t the only reason to attend NYFW. Since the majority of PR companies are located in New York City, take advantage of the time while you’re there and set up meetings with them. I did some research to find new agencies and reached out to PR companies who represent the brands I’ve collaborated with in the past. During these meetings, take advantage of this time to talk about current projects and possible future collaborations. Plus, these agencies throw great brand events and may extend an invitation to you.

All in all, I had a fabulous time and can’t wait to do again in September! Check out my tips below and share your advice or questions in the comments section.

Ennyluap Show- Her ready to wear pieces were soft and feminine but offered a hip yet retro feel. They embodied their “timeless bold” mantra.

New York Fashion Week As A Blogger | Busywifebusylife.com

Tips for attending New York Fashion Week As A Blogger:

  • Look your best walking into the shows. This doesn’t mean wearing a cocktail dress and your strappiest heels. Wear something that will catch the eye of the photog’s outside the shows. Who knows – you might end up in a Street Style feature.
  • Wear stylish but comfortable shoes. You will be doing more walking then you are probably used to.
  • Be prepared for longer than usual Uber wait times.
  • Bring an extra cell phone battery or portable charger. You’ll be taking lots of photos and video, and the last thing you need is for your phone to die!
  • Schedule a photo shoot while you’re in town. Add some fashion content to your blog with an NYC backdrop
  • Stay hydrated! All the running around and cocktails, you may forget to drink water which will end up showing through on your skin.
  • Don’t forget to have Fun. With all the stress and preparation, remember the fashion show only last 12 minutes, so take it all in.

Stay Fabulous,


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