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The Best Ways to Store and Organize All Your Jewelry

The Best Ways to Store and Organize All Your Jewelry | BusyWifeBusylifeStatement earrings, stackable rings, layered necklaces, yes, we love them all! You’re an expert at buying and wearing jewelry, but what about storing it? Tiny stud earrings get lost in the fray, necklaces tangle and metals start to tarnish over time, it’s a nightmare! We know you love your accessories, so check out our ways to organize all your jewelry.

Hook Up Your Necklaces

Organizing Your Necklaces - BusyWifeBusyLifeThe most frustrating thing about storing necklaces is that they somehow always seem to tangle with each other. Unless you have the right tricks for unknotting them, they could stay that way forever.

Prevent future tie-ups by installing some hooks where you can hang your necklaces. The system will also help you to see every piece of jewelry you have on-hand so that you can best accessorize your outfit — and avoid making repeat purchases of similar statement pieces, for example.

You can also use a simple corkboard lined with tacks to hang your necklaces, too, adding more tacks to hold heftier pieces of jewelry. You can use the same system — and smaller tacks — to hold your earrings, though we have more ideas for those later, too.

Plate Smaller Pieces


With your necklaces hanging safely above, you can now think about the smaller, more delicate pieces in your jewelry collection: rings, stud earrings, thin bracelets. You can’t hang them, and you don’t want to throw them in a grab-bag of jewelry either, so what to do?

Make your storage of these items be part of your decor by placing them on small plates and in tiny bowls. You can make this a DIY project by heading to a thrift shop to find tea or bread plates with fun designs, or paint a few pieces of your own. Then, place your smallest pieces inside or on top, and voila, now you can easily find these items too.

Protect Pricier Items

The Best Ways to Store and Organize All Your Jewelry | BusyWifeBusylife

Now, you might be wondering what do you do with the more unique pieces in your collection. You don’t want to store your family heirlooms next to costume jewelry; you want them to feel a bit more safe and secure.

The best way to store antique jewelry and other high-end pieces is to place them inside of a fabric-lined box with a lid. These storage boxes don’t just look pretty but serve a purpose. They prevent your jewelry from being scratched or damaged by other metallic pieces. You have the urge place each piece into a plastic bag to separate them, but this is not a good tactic. Plastic bags can gather moisture and damage jewelry over time, too.

Dangle Your Earrings

The Best Ways to Store and Organize All Your Jewelry | BusyWifeBusylife

You’ve got your necklaces on a hook, but you can’t quite do the same with a pair of earrings — you want them to face forward, not to the side like they would on a hook-style organizer.

Instead, you can make your own earring organizer with materials such as mesh screen, ribbon or even popsicle sticks. The trick is to make the openings or bars holding the earrings small enough so that your jewelry stays put while still comfortably fitting. The result often looks like a cute piece of room décor, too, which is a win-win for you.

Stack Bracelets and Watches

The Best Ways to Store and Organize All Your Jewelry | BusyWifeBusylife

Finally, you’ll want somewhere sturdy to display any wrist candy that’s left lying around. Any circular, stand-up object — think an empty wine bottle, for example — can be the perfect home for your bracelets and watches. Simply wrap them around or slip them over the bottle’s neck, stack them and you’re sorted. You can do the same with more creative items, too, like faux animal horns, for example.

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