How Daylight Savings Nearly Ruined My Life

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As I scrolled through March in my calendar app, I told myself I was not going to let daylight savings sneak up on me this time! Every year it’s the same story, daylight savings ends and I’m cozy in my bed rejoicing over an extra hour of sleep. Then, I suddenly feel uber productive, even before I’ve made my morning coffee.

Well, the opposite happens in March, that magical hour just vanishes into thin air and we are left feeling, well, inadequate to say the least. This year was supposed to be different; I had it all planned out. I went out Friday night, instead of Saturday, (which I never do) just to avoid racing home like Cinderella, once the clock skipped an hour.

The plan was to carry on Saturday as usual, and when it got to be 11 pm, I would fake myself out and turn the clocks forward. This way I would mentally think it was “getting late” and head to bed. I would then have the most productive Sunday ever with daylight savings being a distant memory.

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You know the saying “man plans, and God laughs”, well he must have been LMAO at me, because not only did I stay out way too late on Friday, I did nothing as per usual on Saturday. My fake clock trick did absolutely nada! Come Sunday I ended up sleeping through my gym class, spent half the day binging on my husband’s favorite Netflix show (which I don’t even like), and never even left the apartment.

At 6 pm, I literately had come to the decision that I was an utter failure – yes I was overly dramatic, but it was kinda true, at least for that one day. I got absolutely nothing done ALL weekend long and blame it all on daylight savings!

After a quick reality check, the truth of the matter is there will be times in life when you just aren’t as productive as you would like to be. No matter what outside circumstances may interrupt your day, you have to roll with it and do your best to stay productive.-roll with it and do your best to stay productive-

The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up. We all get stressed, and what makes matters even worse is condemning ourselves for not meeting our personal deadlines. It’s up to you to realize when you’ve gone off track and salvage what may be left of your day.

It’s important to set realistic goals and be open to making adjustments along the way to accommodate the hiccups that arise in daily life. Plan to be flexible to change – that is the key to being productive and ultimately successful. This year will be different, bring it on Day Light Savings – I am ready for you!

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