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How to Stop Being Lazy and Motivate Yourself to Accomplish Your Goals

woman planning her goalsWhat were you doing on January 1, 2017? Chances are, you watched some confetti fall, clinked a champagne glass or two and thought up a few resolutions to change your life in the coming year. Well, now that year is inching towards a close,  you might be looking at your unaccomplished goals with a bit of disappointment. Don’t get too upset; there’s still plenty of time to make it all happen, find out how to stop being lazy and get sh*t done!

Edit Your List

You’re a different person now than when you made your goals. Some of the dreams you had at the start of the year might not be on your radar anymore. A person who once vowed to volunteer and help the community might’ve switched jobs into a nonprofit, where he or she now fills fulfilled in that regard. In other words, there’s no longer a need to chase that goal. This theory might also apply if you have a super long list of goals. Edit your list so that it is realistic and focused on what you want to do.

Research and Plan

With a shortened timeline, you have to be conscious that you now have less time to accomplish these goals. Planning is always a good idea, as it allows you to map out the steps and benchmarks that will lead you to your final goal. Moreover, a bit of research into the topic or field that you’re interested in will help you plan the steps required to get there.

Divide and Conquer

Researching and planning will help you break down a particular goal into more digestible pieces. Don’t stop there: divide your conquest of goals so that you’re laser focused. It turns out that your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking drains you of your energy in general, so, if you rely on it to achieve your goals, you might find yourself tired of the process too early on.

To do List

Find Your Most Productive Time

When your alarm goes off, the first thing you think of is a hot cup of coffee — and everyone knows not to talk to you until you have it. Needless to say, you’re not much of a morning person. In the afternoon and evening though, your brain is on and you’re in the zone.

So guess when you should be working towards your goal?

That’s right, the hours in which you’re most naturally productive. If you are a morning person, then get up and get going otherwise, find your best time and then get to work.

Prep For a Temporary Setback

Remember that not everything will go as planned. If your goal is to lose some weight, understand you may fall off your diet plan before getting on the right track. No matter what your goals, mentally prepare yourself for setbacks and you will be in a better mindset for success.

Chart Your Progress

In the midst of working toward a goal, you’ll often find yourself feeling frustrated as if you aren’t getting anywhere. Think Again.  Just because you aren’t moving full speed ahead, it doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress. If you need to, constructs some sub goals to see the subtle changes before you finish the big one.

Feel for the Future

Here’s another bit of inspiration on your journey to goal achievement. Remember the vision you have of yourself once the goal has been achieved. Are you happier, do you look different, do you have a different job? No matter what, write down what you have in mind and read over it on days when you feel less than inspired. You might just find yourself happily experiencing a renewed sense of passion for your project.

Show Some Pride

Imagine your goal is to train for and run a half-marathon. You might not want to tell others of your grandiose plans because you might fail or bail. If that’s your mindset, you already have.

Make a point to proudly share what you’re up to. Nobody will think you’re crazy or boastful; instead, you’ll be lauded for your bravery and confidence. Sharing your vision makes you more accountable to achieving it. Plus, who couldn’t use a bit of accountability in the quest of bettering oneself?

The year’s winding down, but that doesn’t mean you should follow suit. Instead, use your last few months to make your dreams a reality — just in time for you to do it again in the New Year. 

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