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Sherita rankins

As a model, host, actress, and blogger, “Busy” cannot begin to describe my life. When I moved to NYC back in 2005 after studying Finance and International Business at Loyola University Chicago, all I had was a lot of IKEA furniture and a dream! They say if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, and I truly believe it. After hitting the pavement hard, I’ve appeared in ads for Mary Kay, Chevrolet, Baileys, Sudafed, Soft Sheen Carson and many others.
I find that the key to staying happy and fulfilled is balancing your “To Do List” with your “Love To Do List”, which is easier said than done. One thing is certain, I have a passion for food, fashion, personal finance and luxury travel. I feel that you should be confident with personal style, let traveling be your vice, always be mindful of your money, and never waste calories on anything not delicious!

Fast forward to the present – After 11 years in NYC and a lot of furniture upgrades, I still have a dream but I have taken it cross country. Currently living in sunny Los Angeles and enjoying every moment and looking forward to new adventures to come.

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